Infinity® Series Gas Furnace with Greenspeed® Intelligence

Looking for our top-of-the-line comfort, performance and efficiency? As its name suggests, the Infinity series takes them further than they’ve ever been. But if the top has a top, its name includes Greenspeed® Intelligence. Carrier gas furnaces with Greenspeed Intelligence monitor temperature and humidity, inside and out, then automatically vary furnace operation as needed to provide an ideal combination of comfort and energy efficiency. With Greenspeed Intelligence and variable-speed components, you can avoid wasting money for heating capacity you don’t need.

Performance™ Series Gas Furnaces

Efficient, quiet, flexible and durable, these powerful furnaces live up to their Performance name every day—no matter where you live. Offering AFUE ratings as high as 96.5% and with several multi-speed models to choose from, you can squeeze a lot of comfort and performance out of these deluxe heating systems.

Comfort™ Series Gas Furnaces

If efficiency is a hot button for you but budget is your primary concern, consider our Comfort 90+% AFUE gas furnaces. These high-efficiency furnaces excel at generating warmth throughout your home—while generating low energy bills through those long winter months. You can take comfort knowing that one of these models can keep your home warm without making you sweat about the budget.